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Social Media Is Not Always About You

Social Media is an important part of your author platform. It’s where you get to be engaging beyond what you write in your books. Social media is about sharing content and building relationships and if the only content you’re sharing is your own, you’re missing out on two huge opportunities. When you share the great […]

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If You Are An Aspiring Author You Have Positioned Yourself For Success

In the last few years, the self-publishing and marketing process has changed drastically. Many techniques authors used to publish and market books two years ago, are no longer done. Self-published authors can assume what they’re doing right now to make a living and sell books will no longer be applicable two years from now. As […]

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Fiverr: Rising to the Top with Your New Gig

The busiest section of the Fiverr categories is Social Marketing. If you click on that category and sort them by rating you see most of the first few gigs have Top Rated Seller status and the sellers have sold thousands upon thousands of gigs. This category also has more gigs than any other Fiverr category. […]

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Your Name Is Your Online Reputation

I have a lot of questions for you today. They’re all about you. Have you Googled yourself lately? Go ahead and do it. Put your name in quotes at Google and see what comes up. If you have a distinctive name, the entire first page might be about you! Here’s my name on Google. There […]

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