Online Writing for Immediate Income

Online Writing for Immediate IncomeStart making money today as a paid writer. This beginner’s guide teaches you how anyone, using the tips and techniques in The Moonlighter’s Guide To Online Writing For Immediate Income, can start earning money as a freelance content writer this week! This book takes you through the world of online content writing, teaches you what you need to know to get paid to write and teaches you the simple steps to increase your income every month.

This Moonlighter’s Guide has everything you need to get started including a list of over 90 online companies that will pay you to write short articles for the web. Whether you want to work full-time from home or just add to your existing income, The Moonlighter’s Guide To Online Writing For Immediate Income shows you step-by-step how content writing gives you the flexibility to earn as much as you want and work from where ever you want – starting right now.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Getting Started

  • You really are an expert on something
  • Earn money as a content writer with minimal training
  • Improve your writing and improve your income
  • An inspiring note from Christina Zila at

Chapter 2 Tools Of The Trade

  • The 5 Things You Absolutely Need (and probably already have)

Chapter 3 Resources For the Beginner

  • Basic grammar skills
  • Common grammar mistakes
  • Commonwealth spelling differences
  • The beginner’s bookshelf
  • Helpful websites and fantastic forums for beginners

Chapter 4 The Two Main Writing Camps

  • Up front pay
  • Residual pay
  • Pitching your tent in both camps and starting your own website
  • Your own website

Chapter 5 Why Keywords Are So Important

  • Keyword use
  • How to write a keyword based article

Chapter 6 Writing Tips And Templates

  • Article and blog templates
  • What should you write about?
  • 5 great article starters

Chapter 7 Getting Paid And Other Money Matters

  • Setting up a PayPal account
  • Affiliate programs
  • Google AdSense
  • Making a revenue goal
  • Taxes

Chapter 8 The Big List: 91 Websites That Will Pay You

  • Your writing application
  • The questions you need to ask when vetting a company
  • How to read the big list
  • Content writing websites on general subjects
  • Content writing websites on specialty topics
  • Smarty Pants
  • Forum Posting

Chapter 9 Beyond The Beginner

  • Tips for putting together a writing resume
  • Bidding resources
  • Search for writing jobs online
  • About the author

This information will allow virtually anyone to earn money within 48 hours of reading this e-book. Thousands of people are already doing it every day. Whether you just want a few extra dollars every month or want to work full time from home – or from a beach in a foreign country – The Moonlighter’s Guide To Online Writing For Immediate Income shows you how to start right now.

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Online Writing for Immediate Income

“I wrote and priced this e-book for anyone who really needs to generate immediate income, enjoys writing and has access to a computer. It couldn’t be easier.” Connie Brentford

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Kindle e-books can be read on any computer, smart phone, iPad and more.