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25 Science Fiction Predictions that Actually Came True

Science fiction — a genre filled with fantastical stories about what could one day be. Many Sci-Fi creatives build a future world that mostly reflects the present. Others however, have a very keen eye for what advancements are really to come. Here is a list of 25 predictions that science fiction writers dreamed up that […]

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10 Awesome Steampunk Creations from the Real World

Steampunk — a fantastical world where industrial steam-powered machinery is still at its prime. The steampunk esthetic has evolved into its own popular literary genre, but its not all make believe. Here are 10 super awesome real world steampunk creations. Steampunk Goggles A quintessential emblem of steampunk — created and sold by CraftedSteampunk Steampunk Laptop […]

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7 Books that Define the Cyberpunk Genre

Cyperpunk. A sub-genre of science fiction that takes information technology to its limits. Dystopian worlds where cybernetics are the norm and technology has forever altered the social order. Invasive integration of computers into everyday life has drawn people away from the very things that make us human. Some say that cyberpunk is a genre of […]

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Top 17 Harry Potter Places that Keep the Magic Alive

Any diehard Harry Potter fan knows the familiar pangs of longing when they think about the Wizarding World. We’d trade our boring non-magic jobs to be on the boat of 11-year-old crossing the lake to Hogwarts in a heartbeat. So many of us are still waiting for our long-overdue school acceptance letter, but there are […]

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12 Must-Follow Speculative Fiction Authors

We made a list of authors every speculative fiction lover should follow on Twitter. They’re on, they’re active and they have something interesting to say. Scroll down and see for yourself. Margaret Atwood @MargaretAtwood Author of The Handmaid’s Tale and Oryx and Crake, Margaret Atwood is considered one of the best dystopian authors. As a […]

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CD Malcom

REVIEW: Wool Part 1 by Hugh Howey 4 Moons

Wool Part 1 I have to admit, I picked up this book without knowing anything about Hugh Howey, or the hype surrounding this series. I guess I was living in my own personal indie book Silo, sheltered from the realities of the outside world (e.g. the intense fanfare Wool has received since its release in […]

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