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Karly KirkpatrickKarly Kirkpatrick and I have been social media friends for several years. After being impressed with her humor and several other things she discussed, I bought some of her books. I fell in love with her Bloody Little Secrets series. Her teen heroine, Vicki Hernandez, is a funny, quirky, authentic teenager. In the first few pages of Bloody Little Secrets, I became a YA lit convert. Yep, that’s right, until then, I had never read a YA book. I watched The Vampire Diaries, Buffy and other similar teen shows, but for some reason, left YA off my reading list. Shame on me. So, I’m proud to say that Ms. Kirkpatrick wrote the first young adult series I’ve read. She’s a quality writer that captures the essence of what it’s like to be in the head of a teenager. Vicky is a unique teen who’s been made a vampire and is trying to figure out what happened to her and why people smell like banana-nut muffins and cheeseburgers. Oh, and why she’s so bitey!

Karly consented to an interview here on The Moonlighter’s Guide and I got to ask about both of her young adult series. We like things dark, paranormal and a little bloody here, so her books are a perfect fit. I suggest you have a look at:

Bloody Little Secrets Series


Into The Shadows Series

Connie Brentford: Did you always know you wanted to be a YA writer or was there a TV show, movie or book that inspired you write in the genre?

Karly Kirkpatrick: As a kid, I used to write little stories all the time here and there. I think the idea of writing appealed to me because I was the most insane reader as a kid. I just wanted to do what all the great authors I read had done. What launched my first novel was the ending of the Harry Potter series in July, 2007. I finished the book and didn’t really know what to read next. So I figured that time was as good as any to start the book that I would want to read. That’s where Into the Shadows came from.

CB: What are the differences between your main characters in Bloody Little Secrets series and your Into The Shadows series?

KK: The main difference in the two main characters is that Paivi (ITS) is quite a bit more serious and quiet than Vicky (BLS). Vicky’s observations are for the most part humorous, and despite her new status, she still keeps it light. Paivi has a lot of stress and responsibility and pain in her life, and I think that makes her a harder person as a result.

CB: You recently started the site eBookli, which is a site for readers to find book reviews and the best book deals. What distinguishes your site from other similar sites and how can readers and authors find you?

KK: eBookli, or Bookli as we call it for short, is different from the other deals sites because we offer not just book deals, but a destination for readers to hang out and get news, reviews, and even peeks at first chapters and flash fiction from great authors. Bookli is working hard to give authors and readers another place that they can hang out and get to know one another. We even work with authors of short stories and novellas (as well as novels in ebook and paperback), because an awesome story isn’t always just in novel format. I think it’s a great place to pull it all together. Readers and authors should stop by the site and see how it can help them with their future reads or for authors, how they can get more of their work in front of readers at a low or no cost. Come on over! eBookli

CB: What is your current work-in-progress and when can we expect it?

KK: I don’t really have anything new planned or scheduled, as I published a book a few months back. I’ve got a science fiction piece for adults started that I’m contemplating turning into a serial, and hoping to try out some new short fiction in many genres. Hopefully one of my fiction or non-fiction experiments will turn into something I can share with readers!

CB: Do you read other genres or do you only read the genre you write?

KK: I read in many different genres. I love YA, but I’m also a huge fan of mysteries (Agatha Christie, JK Rowling as Robert Galbraith), I enjoy classics and try to read at least one a year, paranormal, fantasy, chick lit, horror, thrillers, etc.

CB: What is your best advice for a novice writer that is considering a career in writing?

KK: Know that a career is a long road with a lot of ups and downs. That being said, try to enjoy it as much as possible, and learn everything you can about the industry, about writing, and read everything in sight. All of that will help you be a better writer.

To connect with Karly Kirkpatrick, you can find her website here.

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Receive my FREE video series Twitter Tips for Writers and get the tips, advice and tutorials that Connie Brentford only gives to subscribers.

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