March To A Bestseller

March To A Bestseller

If you’re a writer like I am, you read a lot a of blogs related to the craft of writing and you buy books on craft, publishing and book marketing.

A bunch of us have banded together and on the last day of February we will lower our Writing, Publishing, Book Marketing and Entrepreneurship books to .99 cents for one day only. So this is the time to fill your bookshelf with some excellent books for a great price!

We’ve created a Facebook event with giveaways, and all of the authors will be in to chat and answer questions on February 28th, 2014.

The very nice guy organizing March to a Bestseller: A One-Day Sale on Books for Authors is Bryan Cohen. His Creative Writing Prompts books have been an inspiration to me for years. There’s no such thing as writer’s block with Bryan’s books around.

Bryan’s book with co-author Jeremiah Jones is:
1,000 Creative Writing Prompts, Volume 2

The book I have included in this sale, has sold over 10,000 copies in less than one year and contains out-of-the-box writing opportunities as well as some great starters for online entrepreneurship to compliment your writing. If you’re determined to be a writer-entrepreneur grab it!

Make Money Online Volume 2
There are some really great books on offer from other authors too!

Your First 1000 Copies  Tim Grahl
Writing Online  Sean Platt
77 Ways to Find New Readers for Your Self Published Book  Laura Pepper Wu
Author Publicity Pack  Heather Hart and Shelley Hitz
There are many more authors and a lot of giveaways at the Facebook event!

Mark your calendar- Friday, February, 28th is the day for March To A Bestseller!

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Pattaya, Thailand

A Fabulous Year And A New One To Come

This year went fast! I didn’t really take stock until Facebook sent me the link to my 2013 Year In Review. Thank goodness Facebook tracks where I’m going and what I’m doing because I don’t. In the interest of explaining this writer’s life, I’d like to share some of the highlights of the year with […]

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My Best Advice For Authors In The Coming Year

Make Your Own Rules You can change your mind anytime, about anything. You don’t have to do the same things in 2014 that you did in 2013. Take stock of what worked, what didn’t and clear the table. Give yourself permission to write a different book, in a different genre. Just try it! If you’re […]

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Social Media Is Not Always About You

Social Media is an important part of your author platform. It’s where you get to be engaging beyond what you write in your books. Social media is about sharing content and building relationships and if the only content you’re sharing is your own, you’re missing out on two huge opportunities. When you share the great […]

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What Pen Name Should You Choose?

One of the questions I get asked a lot from new writers is whether they should have a pen name. Usually, they’ve already decided they want one, they just want to know more about the process of picking a name. Here are some tips for name picking and a few things to consider if you […]

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If You Are An Aspiring Author You Have Positioned Yourself For Success

In the last few years, the self-publishing and marketing process has changed drastically. Many techniques authors used to publish and market books two years ago, are no longer done. Self-published authors can assume what they’re doing right now to make a living and sell books will no longer be applicable two years from now. As […]

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Keep Your Cover Off The ‘Bad Ebook Cover’ Pinterest Board

I don’t think there is any good argument for a cheesy cover and as an author myself, it’s pretty easy to spot the self-made covers by authors with no design skills. Indie covers are much better than they used to be, but readers are more savvy too and bad covers make them pre-judge the writing […]

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Learn Book Marketing From Facebook Groups

Writers like writing groups. We like to congregate with the like-minded to commiserate (who, us?), share tips, critiques and success. Because of my nomadic lifestyle, Facebook groups have been especially helpful to me over the last two years. You can learn the latest book marketing techniques, ask questions and offer advice of your own. Indie […]

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127 Things You Can Do To Market Your Books On Your Lunch Break

127 Things You Can Do To Market Your Books On Your Lunch Break

I’ve seen a lot of blog posts lately with titles like 127 Things You Can Do To Market Your Books On Your Lunch Break.  Some of these posts are practically book length, themselves. I try to keep up on indie publishing news and I look for great stuff to pass along to my author followers […]

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Why Aren’t You Using Twitter to Claim Your Readership?

As an indie author, you’ve taught yourself how to do countless things in order to publish and market what you know is a good book and if you’re not building your readership with Twitter you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. When I ask authors why they don’t use Twitter they mention two things. 1) […]

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What My Southern Mother Taught Me About Twitter

I learned most of my social skills from a nice, Southern lady, my mother. In true Southern fashion she could converse with anyone about anything and always knew the right thing to say. While conversation is a skill, to some people, it comes naturally. I used to joke with my husband that if mom ever […]

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The Writer’s Life and Why You Don’t Have It

The Writer’s Life and Why You Don’t Have It

What keeps you from being the writer you want to be? Luckily, with changes in the publishing world, there is a clear path now from zero to making a good living as an author. It took me less than two years starting from scratch and while I don’t like to dwell on the negative, I […]

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On Indie Author Success

Writing and publishing books has always been a viable way to work from home and NOW is absolutely the best time to do this.  I can give you a NOW example from my own work. My latest book, Make Money Online Vol. 2 – 67 Real Companies That Pay You To Work In Your Pajamas […]

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Connie Brentford in Woman's World Magazine

Featured in Women’s World Magazine as ‘America’s Ultimate Expert’

I’m so happy to featured this week in Woman’s World Magazine! They asked me to be a part of the weekly feature called “America’s Ultimate Expert.” This week their article included some great work from home advice. The topics covered in the article are important to anyone considering working form home. I discuss the money […]

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